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Be the Best Valentine

by Cory & Dann Degen 02/04/2019

The month of February is not only a time to shower your friends and family with love notes. It's also the perfect time to look at your health. The American Heart Association is asking for you to get involved in their Go Red Campaign. This campaign centers around educating men and women about healthy habits to eradicate heart disease and stroke. Here are a few elementary ways you can participate in this life-changing campaign.

  • Throughout February, the American Heart Association is asking you to sport your red attire. By wearing red, you are making a difference by raising awareness about cardiovascular disease. Share photos on social media for a more significant impact so your friends and family can also learn about heart health and how it affects them. Hashtag your photos with #WearRedandGive. 
  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death around the globe. The time to share education and reach a cure is now. One way you can make a huge impact this month is by donating to the American Heart Association. Your generous gift will go toward supporting lifesaving research, education, and health impact initiatives. Your involvement will help bring the world closer to a cure for heart disease.
  • Come together with those around you to advocate for heart-healthy and stroke-smart communities. One way to resolve many of these issues is by contacting your local government representatives about making healthier meals for kids, making sure all Americans have access to affordable healthcare, training telecommunicators for high-quality systems of care, and working toward a tobacco-free environment. These are problems that communities face nationwide but can change through regulatory policies.
  • Education is perhaps the most effective way to target this health epidemic. Make a generational difference by making healthy choices right now. A perfect place to start is to realize how at-risk you are. If heart disease and stroke is a common occurrence in your family tree, the time to make a change in your health is now. Make an annual visit to your family doctor and have your blood pressure and cholesterol checked. After you’ve assessed your current health and future risk, make a plan to change certain habits that affect your health.
  • An example of this could be to stop smoking, exercise daily, or consume whole, healthful foods. Don’t be silent about this change. Seek opportunities in your family and community to share about heart health. 

Participating in the Go Red campaign can be as simple as purchasing a red shirt or leading an educational event about heart health. There’s room for participation for any lifestyle. Help make a lasting impact in our world’s current heart epidemic and our future of health. Check with your local chapter of the AHA to see where you can get involved and meet new people in your new community.

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